Good Riddance 2016 – Why Resolutions Rock

2016 was not a fun year.  It was a very hard year.  Between dealing with awful landlords who wouldn’t help us when our kitchen flooded… twice, and fighting with my former university over their blatant lack of integrity (revoking my financial aid after the census date – aka the last date I could do anything about it according to university policy).

Needless to say, it’s been extremely stressful one.  So, I’m grateful that the year is over.

Frankly, I’ve always hated the annual New Year celebration.  I felt that it was just like any other day.  That is, of course, until I had 2016.  Suddenly the thought of a New Year brings hope and light and new beginnings.

I am a very analytical – type A personality, so goals are my jam.  And, after a long hard year like 2016, goals seem to be just what I’m in need of.  Sure I’m 8 days late (hey – can’t win ’em all) but the positive, renewing energy is palpable and there is still time to recommit to the things you want to be better at.  Mine?  Here goes…


I want to make my bed every morning.  Even on the bad days, I will still feel that I have done something right.

I want to be as healthy as possible so that I can be the best wife to my husband and a capable mother to my future children.

I want to read and write and generally just do more of what I love. I waste a lot of time doing things (or NOT doing things) that will actually benefit and enrich my life.

This year is going to be a really busy one (I plan to finally graduate!) but I hope to make it a great one, and you can too!

i LOVE pineapples so… you’re welcome

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