Un-Sprinkled Cupcakes

Do you ever feel like you’re on the verge of some great idea, but it is just out of focus?  That you’re so close to a breakthrough, but distant enough that everything is… blurry?  Same.

I feel like I’ve lost my creative mojo lately.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep a balance with everything that I have to do… I work 50 hour weeks while going to school full time and then there’s the battle to just be a sane person some days.  It’s hard.  It’s monotonous.  It’s un-sprinkled cupcakes.

Life is a cupcake.

You start with a muffin tin – necessary for creating the shape and stability of the cupcake.  Your job is your muffin tin.  A necessary evil, you must make money to survive in this world (LAME).  But money is also not the most important part of life. It merely serves a utilitarian purpose – much like the muffin tin.

Those darling little cupcake wrappers holds the batter together.  Sometimes they’re plain, but I like to get ones with designs on them.  Your cupcake wrappers = your attitude about life.  Just like the wrapper holds the batter together, your attitude determines the shape of the rest of your life.

The batter is the real substance of a cupcake.  It’s meant to be really yummy, but hey, sometimes you forget the salt.  The cupcake batter is made up of lessons learned in both school and in life.   From learning to walk and talk, to learning to read and write, and from learning to love and forgive, to learning to cook and drive a car, life is made up of lessons learned.  You will fall learning to walk, but you will learn to get back up and not forget to add salt to your cupcakes next time.

Ahh, the frosting. Full of flavor and color, the frosting of life is made up of relationships with family and friends.  The people who truly make your life sweet.

The sprinkles of life are added bonuses that enrich your life. For me, it’s my ability to keep a creative mind.

The beginning of this post started as a sort of lament for the lack of sprinkles in my life, but I’ve come to realize while writing this, that sometimes sprinkles are small and hard to see, but if you put in a little bit of effort, they’re still there.

And besides, life is more about the icing on the cake anyway.


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