The Battles We Fight

You’ve all heard the quote…

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

This is a great reminder in general, but it is almost more important to remember when you, yourself is experiencing something particularly tough.

Recently my life has gotten exponentially more complicated, brought on by things completely out of my control.  Besides my normal grind of 50 hour work weeks, full time school, and trying to be healthy physically and mentally, my car got hit and is in need of almost $2,000 worth of repairs (more than my car is probably worth at this point).  And recently, we are needing to deal with a major illness in my family.  It can definitely be a lot to handle a lot of the time.

But, it’s interesting… Life still goes on for everyone else while it feels like I’m stuck on this unfair rollercoaster.  And other people still have problems too.  Life still moves forward, and if we are stuck staring at our own issues, we just might miss the chance to help a friend or enjoy the little things.

I heard once that if we were to gather up all of our trials and put them in the middle of the room along with other people’s trials, we would still choose our own.  I am inclined to agree with this, as I realize that despite all of the crap that is thrown my way, I’ve not ever had to deal with some harder things.

Realizing this has helped me to not feel so bad for myself and my problems.  I find that focusing my time of helping others with their problems, helps me with mine.


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