My Dad Has Cancer

My mom and I talked about how we felt like we already knew before the doctor said it.


At first, I was ok.  I was very calm and rational.  I accepted it.

But, maybe that was just shock.  Not that he has cancer, but shocked at all of the changes and things this means for our family.

Then came the anger.

Not anger at God… Just anger at the situation… My father who, from being deployed to Afghanistan in 2006 to commuting for the last (nearly) 10 years 6 hours to work each week, has always given of himself before he would ask of another person.

But cancer doesn’t leave the nice guys alone.  It doesn’t give people breaks just because we feel they should deserve it.

And then I was sad.  Sad because a man who can run 3 miles in 20 minutes shouldn’t have to deal with such an illness.  Sad because the situation is just plain dumb.

But from the beginning he has been nothing but positive and hopeful.  He’s ready to take this on, and I’m getting there too.  But I told my husband the other day that while I want to positive and supportive, I just need to be sad and angry for a minute.

But it will be ok.  I will be ok, and I know my dad will be ok too.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.  I’ll keep you all updated.



4 thoughts on “My Dad Has Cancer

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