All That I Know About Love, I Learned From You

ATTN: This post contains highly mushy and lovey and braggy material and may cause nausea and annoyance to some parties.  Reader discretion is advised. ❤

I learned a lot about what love is from my grandparents and my parents.

I can still hear my Grandma Elaine’s voice as she yells, “HERKY!” throughout the house.  That was the name she gave to my Grandpa Haken.

And I can hear my Grandma Judy muttering under her breath about my Grandpa John M’s bad attitude.

But I remember the way that Grandpa Haken would look at Grandma Elaine.  He adored her.  And they took care of each other.

And I remember asking Grandma Judy about her relationship with Grandpa and she said, “I could not live without him, I love him so much”.

My parents don’t have the perfect marriage but, honestly I know no one who does.  Yet, there are a few things that my parents have perfected.  I don’t know many couples who have gone through as much together as my parents have.  They have the ability to get through everything together and come out on the other end as stronger people and as a stronger couple.  They have implicit trust in each other.  After 30 years of marriage and they still only have eyes for each other.  And, they have the ability to to still gross out every one of their children with PDA – they outwardly express their love and adoration for one another.  They’re not perfect, but their love and respect for each other is.  And finally, they taught me that I needed to find someone who would treat me with that love and respect, even in the hard times.

I found that someone.

I didn’t know that a person could be so kind until I met Matthew.  Right off the bat I was impressed with how he treated other people that he didn’t even know.  I knew that I wanted to see more of this guy, so I did… and I never stopped seeing him.  Quite literally, I have seen him every day, from the day that we met until now.  And you know what?  He’s even better than I knew back then.  He’s even kinder, and smarter, and hard-working than I knew.  And he loves me truly unconditionally.  He loves me when I’m moody or angry or sad or competitive.  He loves me when I feel fat or sick or stressed.  He holds me when I have anxiety and he sings to me when I can’t sleep.

I love him more than I thought I could.  I adore him.

All that I learned about love, I learned from the people that I love. I’ve learned that marriage is hard sometimes.  It can sometimes feel tiring and one-sided.  But marriage is also a gift.  It’s a precious thing that I would never trade for anything – even the promise of no bad days.  Because I have never felt more complete as a person than when I’m with my sweetheart.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Olson’s ❤




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