BA – An Update On Dad

Hey everyone, I have a quick update on my dad and the course of action he is taking for treatment.

There are several surgeries necessary before chemotherapy and possible radiation. He has already had one surgery, and he will be having his next surgery next week.  This will probably be the most extensive and invasive of surgeries he will need to have, so he has a longer recovery time – which I’m happy about because he finally has to sit down and watch all the Netflix shows that I’ve been begging him to watch.  (We are open to suggestions!)

My dad explained what this surgery will do in simple, non-medical terms.  He said that it’s like taking a straw, cutting out the middle of the straw, and then attaching the two ends together.  Except for it’s part of his colon, not a straw.   This will also tell us more about if the cancer has spread at all and where.

I will keep you updated with his recovery and journey along the way, and we want you all to know how grateful we are for your thoughts and prayers!  They are felt by us, and we are so blessed!


One thought on “BA – An Update On Dad

  1. Trisha Anderson

    I had no idea this was going on. I taught you in young women’s. And Brock is my daughters best friend. I’m in the dark about your dad because I’ve had some personal struggles. If you don’t mind will you send me a quick private email…. I knew something was up but I didn’t think it was this.


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