2 Days Post Surgery

Surgery was inevitable, but it also feels sort of like a doubled edged sword.  It felt good to finally be able to take action to fight this thing.  The waiting game was finally over!  But it has been so hard to see my dad in pain.  He has a “tell” when I know that he is suffering.  Luckily the nurses have been paying special attention to him and have finally gotten the correct cocktail to manage his pain most of the time.

It sucks though.  I’m not going to try to paint a pretty picture, because it’s not.  It’s still cancer and it’s still painful.


Dad is strong.  He has the discipline required to get better.  He is not just sitting back and letting any medication make him feel better, he is actively on the path to recovery.  I won’t lie, this surgery got him a little bit down.  But it’s hard to not be discouraged a bit when you’re in a lot of physical pain.  But he is still hopeful, and every night he tells us all “One Team, One Fight”.  Thanks to all of you for being part of this team!

A little about the surgery.

While what was supposed to be a 3 hour surgery turned into a 6 hour surgery, dad came out of it (hopefully) tumor free.  The surgeon is confident that he got all infected areas, though the tumor and some lymph nodes were sent to pathology for confirmation.  Dad will still probably go through chemotherapy or radiation (or both), just to make sure that any and all cancerous cells are eradicated.

The surgeon took great care with dad. He spent three more hours on his feet than planned because he wanted to get it right, and we are so grateful for that.  I have a special place in my heart though, for the angel nurses and techs who have helped make dad comfortable and kept his dignity.  It can be hard to let someone take care of your every need, but these men and women have done so with grace.  I’ll forever be grateful.

Dad loves all the visitors, texts and calls.  They help him stay positive and feel support.  Truly, the Spirit has guided all who have helped our family in ANY way.  Every thought, prayer and meal from you has nourished our bodies and hearts.  We are truly blessed.


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