A Rough Month

I apologize for not giving an update lately, but the truth of it is, things have been hard.  Really hard actually.  I’ll explain.

When the surgeon removed my dad’s tumor, they basically just took out that infected section of the colon.  Then, in their attempt to attach the two ends of the colon, they couldn’t get it to seal.  They used both staples and then hand sewed when that failed.  Unfortunately they still couldn’t get it to work.

So, the solution is a temporary ostomy bag.  Though it is going to be temporary, it is the one thing that my dad really, really didn’t want.  And there have been a LOT of complications with it, starting with the hospital not teaching us how to manage it or give us supplies (but that’s a story for another time).

So, for a whole month it has been a struggle.  However, gracefully, my mother was able to find out about a wound clinic at the hospital in St. George with AN OSTOMY SPECIALIST!

No one in Cedar even knew that that person existed there, my mom had gotten the information from the Huntsman Cancer Center (bless their hearts).

This has been an incredible blessing.  An incredible weight off my dad’s shoulders.  He now meets with them 3 times a week for care and help.

Let me explain the process a bit.  My dad has what is called an illiostomy.  This means that the illium (which is the END of the small intestine and the part that attaches to the large intestine, aka colon) is now partly on the outside of his body (it’s called a stoma).  This is to remove waste because the colon is not fully repaired and would cause a horrible infection and possible sepsis.  So, yes, there is a bag attached to a part of the stomach now to collect the waste, so that sucks.  But it is for the best.  It is the only way for my dad to be healthy right now.  Here is a photo kind of showing it:



Now, this week is the start of Chemotherapy.  Dad goes to his oncologist on Thursday, and they plan to be aggressive and start chemo right away.  I’m scared.  My dad is kind of scared too.  But mostly, he’s hopeful.  So hope is what we will hold on to.  The other day I was telling my dad that I’ve been struggling with his cancer and some other things lately.  His response?

“You pray for me and I’ll pray for you.  One Team, One Fight.”


2 thoughts on “A Rough Month

  1. Laurie

    Grateful for prayers being answered and guidance to find the wound clinic in St George (Thanks to helpful people at Huntsman Cancer). Why it’s not common practice to share with patients to know about this place I don’t know. But we are so grateful that we were guided to the right place that could help clear up this infection and have the correct care to take care of this stoma before chemo starts. The expertise of these OSTOMY nurses and Dr and the genuine concern they have for their patients brings me to tears. I was in awe that we found them and that they were able to do what works for Brent as an individual to get this healed. #tendermercies #HEhearsourprayers #wearenotalone #thanksforprayingforBA

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