Starting Chemotherapy

We now have a plan.  Dad met with his oncologist last week, as well as the radiation specialist and they have developed a plan of action for treatment.  Then, yesterday, Mom and Dad came up and let me tag along to their appointment at Huntsman for a second opinion.  Turns out, Dad’s oncologist in Cedar was the clinical fellow (aka student) of the doctor whom we met yesterday – who is a very experienced colorectal oncologist.

Small world!

Anyway, both doctors said the same things.  Their plan is what they called a “sandwich”.  They will start with chemo, then have radiation, then more chemo.

Dad starts chemo on Thursday – both the IV chemo and oral chemo.  He will do this for two weeks, then have one week off, then back on for two weeks, and so on for 9 weeks.  Then, after several sets of that, it will be a similar process with six weeks of radiation and chemo together, then IV and oral chemo again for another 9 weeks.

Yes, this is a very aggressive treatment.  Because dad’s cancer was in the lymph nodes, we know that his cancer knows how to move.  That’s why we need to be so aggressive.

We are so grateful for your prayers and support at this time.  One Team, One Fight.


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