Cancer: Season Finale

Last night, BA took his final dose of Chemo (hopefully) ever.  He made it through nearly six months of neuropathy in his feet and hands, total body muscle spasms, and the inability to drink water (or anything, really) unless it was warm, because anything remotely cool would cause his throat to close up and feel like getting stabbed in the throat.  He made it.

This journey really hasn’t panned out the way that we thought it might.  It’s been much harder and felt much longer.  It’s been painful.  Though there have been undeniable blessings, like my dad’s heath insurance and him being able to take a leave of absence to get better.  But, mostly we are thankful to close this chapter of our lives.

Now, the next chapter begins.  The healing begins.  BA wasn’t really able to heal much these past months because the poison he had to put in his body killed the good and bad cells.  Now we embark on a new season; one to make him whole again.

BA will have further scans this and next month which will determine if the complications from his cancer are permanent or reversible.  We are earnestly hoping and praying that BA will be fully healed.  So team, we need you to hope with us.  We need your faith.  We have won some battles, but the fight is not over.  Please keep BA in your prayers that he can heal completely.  Thank you for being part of our team, and showing us how you are BA Strong.  ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT.


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