Big News

I have news about BA.  BIG news.


That’s right!  No new cancer!  As far as the docs can see, there are no new cancer cells.  That means that the cancer which started in BA’s intestine and lymph nodes, has not spread.  The aggressive treatment that BA went through seems to have worked.

The next step?  Reconstruction.  BA has surgery in January to repair his intestines.  The doctors initially did not know if he would have been able to get this reconstruction surgery… in fact they believed it was unlikely.  But, a miracle has happened.

I feel like whenever someone has a tragedy such as cancer happen to them, they always want that miracle… I wanted that miracle for my dad… for my family.  But I didn’t exactly know if it would happen…  I wanted to believe that God could cure cancer.  I wanted to have that kind of blind faith.  But last time I dealt with a loved one who had cancer, God didn’t cure her.

I’m starting to sound quite faithless, aren’t I?

It’s not that I thought He couldn’t help BA… I was just not sure if He would.  

This journey has been nothing, if not trying on my faith.  Both our “team” and our “fight” was not what I’d thought it would be.  It seemed that whatever could go wrong, did go wrong.  We had some struggles that many loved to talk about but no one really understood.  The emotional journey has certainly been difficult, still we have not been alone.

Hearing the doctor give BA a chance to recover was like being able to fill your lungs with air again.  Truly, we have been watched over.  ❤


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