It Sucked, But I Didn’t Give Up

Yesterday I tried this relatively new workout.  There are several names for it, but suffice it to say, it was water aerobics on mats on the water.  (see photo below)

I most definitely did not look this serene, nor was I dry.

Matt and I went to the new rec center to swim laps when we saw this fitness class about to begin on the other side of the pool.  Since fitness classes are included in our membership, I naively told Matt that we should do it, and promptly walked over to see if there was any room in the class.  Luckily (or unluckily) for us, there were spots available.

The first task was to just get on the mat/board from the water.  This was me:


It was hard.  I didn’t have the abs or stability to do it.  12 minutes into the class (which is a flipping HOUR long) I was the only person who still couldn’t get on their board.  Meanwhile they’re all doing exercises and starting to stand up!  It was so embarrassing.  I could not get my fat booty up on the mat!  Until I did… about 15 minutes into the class.

The next part was just me falling off left and right.  I could not balance for the life of me!  I literally fell off once every two minutes – no exaggeration.  I felt like a fool.  A fat, uncoordinated fool.

Finally at about 35 minutes in the class, I was able to stand up on the mat.  To put this in perspective, everyone else had been standing for the past 15 minutes, doing squats and even jumping jacks.  I still kept falling off.  I fell more than 50 times I would say during the whole class.  I smiled and laughed so that others would not see my shame, but it was there.  It was hard work too – my abs are so sore today! My arms (and knees!) are also raw with mat burns.


I hate it when I’m not good at things.  I can swim laps like a champ.  I can play golf like a champ.  But I could not do this – it was so hard for me!

15 minutes in I was ready to give up.  I wanted so badly to be done.  But I kept trying and finally, slowly got a little better.  I’m not great at it (and honestly don’t want to do it again) but I surprised myself by not quitting.  I can do hard things.  I can push past the shame and embarrassment and do hard things.


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