First of all, y’all need to know that my absence here isn’t for lack of trying.  I literally have 36 drafts of different things that I’ve been writing.  Yet, I am my own worst enemy and biggest critique, so none of those posts have come to fruition.  I even wrote this really awesome piece about what I wish people knew about our criminal justice system.  However, there’s a really fine line between that and giving legal advice, which I’m not allowed to do as a paralegal, and so it will probably never see the light of day.  So, you’ll have to deal with this short piece of my thoughts which will be written and will be posted, just to keep my guilt for having abandoned you all at bay.

I want to talk about a few things today that have been on my mind lately…  First, I want to get mildly political.  This whole immigration issue about separating families has been weighing heavy on my heart.  It didn’t always though – I was mostly indifferent when the issue came about.  I thought it wasn’t my problem and honestly, I didn’t want to really think about it.  But then I came across an article on one of my social media accounts, and I could no longer be apathetic to the situation.  It showed photos of a 2 year old girl crying, alone, after being refused asylum.  I have a niece who is half Latina.  She is also 2 years old.  I saw my sweet sobrina in this little girl’s eyes and I was moved.  (ironic how things only seem to matter to us when they apply to our lives…).  I’m not saying that I can actually do anything.  My voice is one among several who believe that this is a true injustice.  But I guess the point is that I care – I feel for my brothers and sisters who are merely striving for a better life.  I think that in the fire of controversy a person can either become hateful or compassionate… I hope we would all be big enough to choose the latter.


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