Pray For BA

BA is in the ER tonight. He's been really, really sick and something's not right. Please pray that they can alleviate his pain. One Team One Fight.


Lessons Learned

There has been a lot that we've learned on this journey, that I wish we would have known sooner.  Because of that, I wanted to share a few things that (heaven, forbid) might help someone in a similar situation. Have someone who either is a general oncology surgeon OR a surgeon whose training is specific to the …

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Starting Chemotherapy

We now have a plan.  Dad met with his oncologist last week, as well as the radiation specialist and they have developed a plan of action for treatment.  Then, yesterday, Mom and Dad came up and let me tag along to their appointment at Huntsman for a second opinion.  Turns out, Dad's oncologist in Cedar …

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Grateful- A Note From Laurie

Grateful for prayers being answered and guidance to find the wound clinic in St George (Thanks to helpful people at Huntsman Cancer). Why it's not common practice to share with patients to know about this place I don't know. But we are so grateful that we were guided to the right place that could help …

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A Bump In The Road

Yesterday we received the pathology report for the lymph nodes that were removed during the surgery, along with the tumor. Unfortunately it was not good news.  There were 1 or 2 lymph nodes that were cancerous which means two things: The cancer is now in Stage III, and they will need to start chemotherapy and …

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